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WordPress Web Design

Growth Venue Marketing / WordPress Web Design

Wordpress Web Design

Let Toban Penner of Penner Web Design handle your WordPress web design. He is a web developer and designer from Durham, NC, and he specializes in anything WordPress, from customizations to template and theme creation. He can also take care of your SEO and graphic design needs. Contact him soon.  

Visitors could be browsing your WordPress site right now, but are they actually buying your products? The quality of your WordPress web design can make or break your site’s ability to convert traffic into actual customers. People tend to judge your business based on their initial impression of your web design. If it looks too plain or it looks like another WordPress site that hasn't been customized, potential customers may not be encouraged to further explore what you have to offer. To make sure that your visitors remain engaged, keep in mind these two tips:
Tip #1: Use memorable and effective colors.
The color palette of your WordPress site can influence visitor retention. Colors can subliminally encourage or influence certain emotions or actions in a person. Experts suggest using a limited color palette, with two other main colors that can go with your dark grey or black text. Make sure that the colors are consistent throughout the website. 
Tip #2: Hire someone to design your WordPress theme or template. 
Fixing the design and layout of your website can take a lot of your time and may distract you from other aspects of your business. Consider hiring a WordPress designer to help you out. Professional web designers are knowledgeable in all aspects of WordPress, so they can easily create the best layout that can reflect your brand and your business ideals. They know how to entice visitors to stay, explore, and eventually buy what you are offering. 
Contact Penner Web Design for professional WordPress web design. Learn more about our services and previous projects on this website. Aside specializing in handling anything WordPress, we can also assist in SEO, website maintenance, and web development.