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Telemarketing Company

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If traditional telemarketing isn’t working for your company any longer, you may consider contacting Professional Prospecting Systems for your B2B telemarketing campaign. Professional Prospecting doesn’t believe the cold call is dead, they just think it needs a little help.

If you’re interested in laser-focused B2B prospecting, hire the company that offers everything your business needs, including:

– Appointment setting telemarketing for your company. With all the appointment setting services available, it’s almost impossible to choose the right one. Hire the company with the most experience- Professional Prospecting Systems has been providing B2B appointments and IT appointment setting services since 1997, and has developed a model that is proven to work.

– Lead generation telemarketing for your company. Accurate and timely leads are the lifeblood of your sales team. If you believe what inbound marketing services will tell you, you’ll think that the cold call is dead- it’s not. It just makes good business sense to outsource your cold calls to a company that can provide expertise in that field. Professional Prospecting Systems is that company!

– Event and Webinar telemarketing for your company. Fill your next event with a combination of emailing and telemarketing that nurtures your prospects and follows up to increase attendance. You can track your attendees with real-time reporting to ensure a qualified audience at your event or webinar.

– Database updating telemarketing for your company. Database cleanup services from Professional Prospecting are accurate, quick & reliable, performed by experienced callers, and available for all industries. With strategic dialing plans that create accuracy and volume, Professional Prospecting can deliver the results you expect.

– B2B Dazzlebiz videos that will increase your sales by 10 – 30%. Professional Prospecting will employ experienced telemarketers who will call your prospects and, through a carefully crafted script, will get them excited about seeing your video. This communication is followed up by a short but informative email about your company which will contain the video link embedded for them to view.

– B2B lists: telemarketing/email/mail. It’s essential to ensure that you are targeting the right decision makers within the companies and businesses that you are emailing. You will have a much better chance of succeeding in your marketing campaign if you deliver a precisely focused message to the correct decision maker within the types of companies that are suited to use your products or services.

Professional Prospecting are experts at getting your information to the right people. Having your contact’s email address further allows you to nurture and educate your prospect before you begin to make calls. It is estimated that only about 15% of the decision makers on your list will be able to be reached on the phone on the 1st or 2nd call, making email messages to prospects a vital tool to employ.

The PPS E-Telemarketing & Lead Nurturing System is a telemarketing company that is completely turn-key. You do not have to manage a calling team or have the skill set to create the content for your telemarketing campaign. In fact, when you hire Professional Prospecting Systems you get an experienced team that can carry out your marketing campaign with all the creativity you expect.

If you’d like to learn more about the PPS telemarketing company, please call their office at 866-445-4369.

Telemarketing Company