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Sales Representative Training

Growth Venue Marketing / Sales Representative Training
Article provided by: Triumph Selling
Sales Representative Training

George Leith's sales representative training teaches that selling isn't hard when you know how to do it. However, knowing is half of the battle! When you believe that selling is just showing up, looking good, and presenting your product beautifully, then you will fail at selling in the long-run. Today's consumer is a little smarter and brighter, and more times than not, they know what they want. Therefore, selling isn't hard unless you guess at it. Even if you do sell something, you won't know why you sold it because you are guessing at selling. So how do we become good at selling?

Sales Representative Training from George Leith Can Help You Become a Good Seller

First, you have to understand your product. That's the most basic thing, and we'll assume that you already know this. You can also get good at selling if you know who your target audience is. We'll assume that you know that too. The third part is your process or the sequence that you follow. Once you have the process, you can break it down into subprocesses. For example, you analyze what you need to say when you first meet a prospective customer, what you show the customer, your presentation, and how you close. That's what selling is.

If you understand your product, you understand who you are selling to, and you have a good sales process, and you put all of these three parts together cohesively; how can you not help but be successful at selling? George Leith's sales representative training focuses on the processes among other aspects.

Helping Your Customer Say Yes

When you take sales representative training from George Leith, you will learn that People want to buy. The consumer who walks into the store wants to buy. Very few people walk into a store not wanting to buy anything, and if they do, you would probably want to know what their intentions are! Chances are; if they are in your store, they are looking for something.

Let's say someone pulls into a car lot, for example. Are they looking for a car? Of course they are! Why else would they spend their day on a car lot? They are looking for something. When someone walks into a retail store, they are also looking for something. Our job as salespeople is to help them understand what they are looking for.

The problem is that there is so much information for a customer to process, that your job as a salesperson is to clear things out and make a direct purchasing path for the customer. So if a customer says, "I don't want to buy" or "I think I will just purchase this," you can tell them why they need the product you want them to buy.

Can you provide insights to your customers? What is insight in sales? It's the ability to provide information to your customers beyond the obvious. If you present information to a customer that they already know, then you have not positioned yourself as a great salesperson. You've simply positioned yourself as a repeater of information that they already knew. Get sales representative training from George Leight, and put all of the pieces of the sales puzzle together finally.