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Real Estate Agent Digital Marketing

Growth Venue Marketing / Real Estate Agent Digital Marketing

Article provided by: Digital Marketing Netic

Real Estate Agent Digital Marketing

Ongoing content creation has become vital for all businesses, and with more people purchasing properties online exclusively, realtors require exposure to gain clients. However, marketing takes time away from engaging directly with the customer and may prove ineffective to achieve exponential presence in the digital world due to lack of expertise or shortage of time to outline optimal marketing plans.

Our real estate agent digital market agency wants to ease the pressure with efficient tactics and optimal strategies tailored for you and your company.

To do so, we offer a variety of plans that include the best services available. All of them are high quality, so we recommend that you choose the one that aligns with your needs and your goals. To help you understand what each plan entails, here is an overview of all the services included in each one and their purpose, both short and long-term.


Digital marketing for realtors must aim to boost exposure and target general audiences. With the professional plan, we cover all the basics to get you started by rapidly increasing traffic on your website. With this service, we offer to manage Google Business and Google’s pay per click, an internet advertising interface that directs people directly to your website. We also organize mail marketing, custom drip campaigns, social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and text blasts. Most importantly, we improve your website to establish a solid interface. This plan generates a surge in traffic for initial exposure to potential clients, which increases the database of buyers and sellers for future transactions.


To target a specific type of client, you will need effective real estate marketing ideas. The platinum plan offers a sturdier platform to engage in a more personal way with prospective customers. This plan includes all previously mentioned services and adds to it to engage clients in a more personalized way that catches their attention. Besides the mentioned services, it includes creating and managing landing pages to interest the customer with our interface, YouTube marketing (does not include video creation), managing business blogs, and Search Engine Optimization. This plan will put your company at the top of the search tab. 


The Elite plan includes the services of both the platinum and the professional. It applies marketing tactics for real estate agents with custom advertising, engaging the client more directly. 

Content creation is vital for the client to connect with you. While it takes time, its results are immediate. Another service included in the plan is the building of an app for the company. This step will make the process feel natural and predictive, which will make your audience feel safer.


Doing business is complex, and as a real estate digital marketing company, we understand if you need a plan tailored to you. To do so, schedule a consult, and we will gladly outline a plan that suits your company perfectly. 

We want to help you grow and make contact with customers. Contact Digital Marketing Netics for a free audit and consultation with a digital marketing guru today: +1 240-813-4696

Real Estate Agent Digital Marketing
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