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Having a successful website in Jacksonville requires an essential ingredient: traffic. If you want to attract customers to your site, having first page rankings in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is not an option; it is essential.

SEO is a complicated process. There are many websites out there to learn about SEO. They will all teach you roughly the same thing – find your keywords and optimize your metadata – title tags, descriptions, alt tags etc. It sounds simple enough, but on-site SEO optimization is not enough if you have a lot of competition for your keywords in search engine results.

In most cases, having an SEO company develop your Search Engine Optimization strategy is the smarter option vs. DIY SEO.

Choosing the best Jacksonville SEO agency for your website is a decision you must make carefully. Many SEO agencies maintain old SEO practices that no longer work and can potentially harm your website and lead to penalties.

Deceptive SEO Offers

Before you know the criteria for selecting a top-notch SEO agency, it is essential that you know what to look out for. On the Internet, you'll find thousands of agencies that claim to be SEO gurus, promising to put you at the top of searches overnight. To prevent unpleasant surprises, avoid hiring companies that offer these deceptive services:

  • Offer the same package of services to all customers
  • Promise a certain amount of links to your website
  • Offer their services using spammy tactics
  • Outsource all the link building to companies in India.
  • Guarantee 1st-page rankings on Google.

Key Factors To Select The Right SEO Company

Business Analysis

An excellent SEO agency will take the time to understand your business model and your industry. We take time with our customers to analyze your objectives and your short, medium, and long-term goals. After the analysis, we'll give you professional advice and recommend the best SEO strategies to implement. Typically this will involve on-site optimization, link-building, and a content strategy. If you want the support of the best Jacksonville's SEO company contacts us, our team of experts is ready to assist you.

Website Analysis

In addition to studying your business, an excellent SEO company will do a thorough study of your website. We will run tools to find problems with your website and manually review it to find common errors. This is critical to find the strengths and weaknesses of your site and find some low hanging fruit to help boost your SEO. We will ask your team to make the changes; however, if you need us to do it, we can implement all of the necessary changes on your website.

Customer Service From Experts

Many SEO companies hire sales reps to be your point of contact. Typically these sales reps know very little about SEO and churn and burn their customers. This is not how we do business. We have been in the SEO business since 2008. We understand how SEO works and keep up with the constant changes in the industry reading from sites like search engine land and SEO round table. This knowledge is critical because what worked last week may no longer work this week. Many SEO companies take your money and run. This isn't us. We are here for you via phone, emails or text – whatever is easier for you.

Let Us Boost Your Business To The Top!

We understand there are 100's of Jacksonville's SEO companies to choose from, but how many of them genuinely care how successful you are. For us, your success is our success. We will do our best to get your website correctly optimized, with quality backlinks and SEO optimized content. You will get ranking reports every two weeks to show you the progress we are making together.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing your website for keywords related to your business–for example, Jacksonville SEO. It involves added your keywords in the page title, descriptions, and strategically in the content. That part of the process is called on-site or on-page optimization. The other part of SEO is called Off-site optimization, which is all about getting links back to your website for your chosen terms. Backlinks are critical to ranking on the first page of Google. P

Will an SEO Plug-in Do it For me?

SEO Plug-ins like Yoast SEO or All-in-One SEO will help with On-Site optimization. They help you with the title tag, meta description, content scores, and more. These plug-ins are helpful for SEO, but its only the beginning. These plug-ins do nothing for off-site SEO (External Link Building).

What is Link Building?

When search engines decided were to rank websites, they look at two things – content and links. The quality and quantity of links pointing back to a web page give a vote of confidence to Google that it is valuable and should achieve a higher ranking. A successful SEO campaign includes a solid link building strategy from real websites that can influence your site's position.

How long until I see results from SEO?

Typically results take anywhere from 3-6 months. The reason it takes that long is new links need to be crawled by Google. The indexing process takes time and is not an overnight process. You also want to develop a natural link portfolio, which means adding links over time. Going from 0 to 100 links overnight is suspicious and can lead to unwanted results.

Should my website be HTTPS for SEO?

HTTPS is the secure form of HTTP, the first part of your website. Ie, Google looks at a secure webpage favorably and recognizes HTTPS is a ranking signal. We would recommend making sure your site has HTTPS. Many hosts now include this for free. If you are unsure if your site is secure, contact us, and we can help.

When can you get started optimizing my site?

Great question! We can start working on your website ASAP. Contact Us Today.

Jacksonville SEO company