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Company Eco Experts

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Company Eco Experts

Our company eco experts allow you to promote your green side in a circular economy. Do not let your recyclable waste hit a landfill. Many products are actually profitable.

How does climate change impact my business?

Climate change affects every company. The impact is particularly visible when you are directly impacted industries.

Even if you are not a shrimping company, fishery, or forester, your business is directly part of global warming. Estimates show that the economy stands to lose nearly $1 trillion over the next decade due to climate change.

Can I save money with eco-friendly products?

Being environmentally friendly is not just a sensible decision but an economic one. Our experts show you how to:

  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Use environmentally friendly products to save money
  • Make money from old IT assets
  • Attract environmentally savvy customers

Your business can thrive in the circular economy. From cutting back on gasoline with the introduction of a hybrid or electric fleet to making money from old computers, environmentally friendly decisions are cost-effective.

How can I lower my carbon footprint?

Bookingbox experts give you advice on how to soundly lower your footprint, which in turn can cut down on your bills. Our eco travel experts know that electric fleets cost less to maintain and run as these trucks use less gasoline and have fewer parts. Using less water can directly cut down on bills.

Everything you can do for the environment pays a dividend while making you greener. There is no excuse for spending slightly more on a lower-powered server that results in cost-savings over its lifetime. You can even go serverless in today’s world.

Make money from old IT assets

As corporate eco experts with over 13 years of experience in Information Technology, our experts can help you make money from old products. Computers, servers, routers, and switches may be repurposed and sold to recoup some of their initial cost.

As eco consultants, we would be remiss to remind you of the power of serverless architecture. Bundling resources can save the environment and cost if everyone joins together.

How do I attract eco-savvy customers?

Younger generations are increasingly aware of humanity’s impact on the environment. These issues rank as highly important for Zoomers, a core demographic for many retailers as they enter the 18 to 35 age range.

Capturing revenue for the next two decades will require catering to the will of an environmentally friendly generation. An eco specialist from Bookingbox can help you captivate.

Environmentally friendly businesses

As the pre-eminent player in the gig market for the circular economy, our experts promote green behavior. Finding advice to decrease your carbon footprint can be both a socially and economically sound decision. Technological advancements no longer mean that you must choose between opportunity and survivability.

Our experts are ready to show you a greener path forward. Get in touch with the future. Book your next expert from Bookingbox and unleash the power of company eco experts.

Company Eco Experts


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