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Buy Roku Advertising

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Buy Roku advertising to become part of a booming trend in streaming and marketing. Launch media gets you in front of the growing millions who are cutting the chord and choosing streaming platforms as their source of entertainment and information.

How many people use streaming media?

Streaming media is incredibly popular. A recent study by Marketing Charts found that just 5 percent of people aged 13 to 24 watched live cable television. The numbers who viewed other forms of cable was only slightly better at just over 30 percent.

Even older generations are cutting the chord. Forty-three percent of Americans over the age of forty-five are on a mobile or computer-based platform.

What types of streaming media exist?

There is a wealth of online content compared to 2005 when companies such as Hulu and Netflix came to the online scene. Specialty streaming services are booming as well, creating a $2.7 billion advertising market as they grow.

Tubio provides horror viewers with an outlet. Sports streaming services satisfy the massive craving we have for live-action. The numbers of people on streaming services and online now greatly skew the Nielson ratings. Roku is quickly becoming a company that serves the needs of millions of Americans.

How can I reach a younger audience?

Among the largest cohorts to completely shy away from television is people between the ages of 13 and 34. Nearly 33 percent of this demographic own a set-top box video player.

Roku is among the growing streaming services in this lucrative market. The company claimed 56 million viewers in 2019.

How popular is Roku?

With 56 million people using this service, it is more popular than many traditional cable channels and draws a larger audience than some of these traditional services ever had.

Roku added 2.9 million active accounts in the first quarter of 2020 alone. That was before stay at home orders brought even more people to this type of platform.

Companies with OTT experience

To captivate your audience, you need to find a company that can market on Roku and other streaming services. Over the top marketing, marketing on streaming services and other internet-based platforms, can reach your audience and tuning your message for the appropriate market.

Launch Media counts clients such as Papa Johns, Black Diamond, and Kohler among our many clients. We know how to reach your audience on streaming services. With decades of marketing experience, the vision of our founders continues to propel us forward.

Advertising on Roku

The average viewer is increasingly online. Cable and traditional television continue to skew older with an average viewing age of 56. Even older generations are cutting the chord. You need to buy Roku advertising and other streaming slots to get your company into the minds of millions.

Getting your message and brand in front of streaming services such as Roku is not a secondary though anymore. You need to reach out over multiple platforms. Launch Media, with an established and diverse set of successful clients can help. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how OTT marketing can help your business.